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Programme Oversight Committee

Program Oversight Committee (POC)The purpose of the committees is to facilitate UCCM decision making role by reviewing reports from implementers in their thematic areas, inquiring into the report details as necessary and making recommendations to the UCCM for decision making. The Programme Oversight Committee does not make final decisions; it only makes recommendations for the Plenary.

Objectives of the Programme Oversight Committee

  • The Programme Oversight Committee provides oversight of the implementation of programme activities for Global Fund grants in Uganda. The Programme Oversight Committee oversees the implementation of such activities and review performance of the intended programmatic targets.
  • The Programme Oversight Committee reviews the progress of grant implementation, clarifies data ambiguities, identifies and diagnoses problems, and recommends follow up actions to the UCCM.
  • Identify and demonstrate successful stories, best practices and lessons learnt during grant oversight.

Tasks of the Programme Oversight Committee

  • Ensure that data is collected, collated, analyzed and relevant information is reported relating to the implementation of Global Fund Programme activities
  • Ensure that oversight visits to headquarters, divisions, departments and other structural units of the Principle Recipients, Sub-Recipients and their partners that implement the Programme activities of the Global Fund grants are carried out
  • Hold meetings with relevant senior officials of the Principle Recipients, Sub-Recipients and their partners that implement the Programme of the Global Fund grant, as well as with representatives of target groups, beneficiaries of Programmes funded through the Global Fund grants
  • Ensure Identification of cross-cutting challenges, lessons learned, and best practices across diseases and grants.
  • Ensure investigation and verification of information is done and make recommendations to the UCCM (for any further appropriate measures) on any signs of flagging performance and problems as assigned by the UCCM, as well as support problem-solving efforts by reviewing and verifying reports on indications of any mismanagement, problems, or suspected violations arising in the implementation of Global Fund programmes.
  • Conduct meetings and/or site visits in order to gather information and verify findings from the above reports when necessary.
  • Submit the recommendations from the results of such reviews, meetings, and visits to the UCCM.
  • Take actions as assigned by the UCCM to support problem resolution.
  • Monitor the follow-up actions by all concerned parties to address the findings.
  • Ensure that PR’s performance are reviewed and assessed based on the grants performance