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Frequently Asked Questions on Regional Applications

1. What are the eligibility rules for regional and multi-country applicants?

Eligibility rules for regional and multi-country applicants have not changed:

  • The majority (at least 51%) of countries included in the application must be eligible in their own right for the disease being requested.
  • Regional and multi-country applicants need not comply with the counterpart financing requirements.
  • Regional and multi-country applicants must comply with the ‘focus of application’ requirements and clearly demonstrate the value-added of a regional approach.
  • Eligibility requirements for Regional Coordinating Mechanisms (RCM) and Regional Organizations (RO) still apply.

2. What is the process for applying for regional grants?

The Global Fund will continue to support strategically focused regional applications that are designed to achieve impact and clearly demonstrate the value-added of a regional approach.
A two-step process will be put in place for regional concept notes:

  • As first step, applicants will submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Global Fund. Through this first step, the Global Fund will assess whether the applicant meets eligibility criteria and regional requirements and competitively assess whether the ‘concept’ is strong enough for further development as a regional concept note.
  • If an applicant meets the eligibility requirements and is positively assessed, the applicant will be invited to develop a concept note to be submitted to the Global Fund and given an indicative envelope.

While the Secretariat will not officially ‘invite’ applicants to submit an EOI, the Secretariat will actively engage with partners and civil society networks to identify strategic opportunities for regional investments.
The Secretariat will engage with the applicant ahead of final submission to help ensure broad involvement of key populations, women’s representatives, civil society groups, technical partners and other key stakeholders. In cases where the regional dialogue processes requires financial support, the Secretariat will endeavor to find ways to provide support either directly or through its partnership networks.
By the end of January 2014, the Global Fund will make available tools and guidance needed to submit an EOI.

3. What are the deadlines to submit an Expression of Interest?

The first date for the Global Fund to receive an EOI will be 1 April 2014. Outcomes of this review would be communicated in sufficient time for regional applicants to prepare concept notes for review by the TRP at the subsequent windows during the second half of 2014. A second opportunity to submit Expressions of Interest will be in April 2015.

4. How much funding is available for regional grants?

There will be funding set aside specifically for existing and new regional investments. The total amount during the 2014-2016 period will be determined following the outcome of the Replenishment Conference in December 2013, and is expected to be approved by the Board at its meeting in March 2014. It is expected that approximately half the available funds will be set aside for each year.

5. Does the regional application process apply to multi-country applications?

No. Multi-country applications are defined as a combined application from small island economies and/or other small countries that typically do not apply as individual countries and are submitted normally through an RCM. Funding for multi-country applications would come from the individual country allocations of those included in the funding request.