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What should I share or report?

Examples of matters you should report include: appreciation, fraud; waste; bribery, abuse of power or authority; mismanagement; inappropriate use of programme assets; product substitution, irregularities in tender processes (for example: bid manipulation, bid collusion, coercive practice, or fraudulent bids); conflict of interest; or employee misconduct (for example: abuse of authority, acceptance of gratuities, travel related fraud, benefits and allowance fraud.
What details should I include in my report?
Please make your complaint is as specific as possible and includes details such as:

  • The type of alleged wrongdoing you are reporting
  • Where and when did these events occur
  • Who are the people involved and who has knowledge about the matters you are reporting
  • How the individual, organisation or company committed the alleged wrongdoing; and
  • Why do you believe the conduct should be investigated and why are you reporting the matter

Should you have further information or evidence (for example, documents) that you believe will enable UCCM staff to make a proper assessment, please attach such material to address: secretariat@globalfundccm.org.ug or have it delivered to our offices, Plot 1–3 Salim Bay Road, P. O. Box 10779, Kampala – Uganda.

Can I remain anonymous?

You can remain anonymous, regardless of which of the options you choose to report fraud or abuse. However, it can be difficult to assess and investigate allegations if we are not able to contact you for further information or clarification of the details you provide in your initial report. We therefore encourage you to disclose your identity.