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Uganda successfully awarded HIV/TB and Malaria grants for the 2020-2022 allocation period by the Global Fund.

The Global Fund is a significant donor to the HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria response in Uganda. The Global Fund has been investing in the three disease programmes (TB, HIV and Malaria) since 2002. The Uganda CCM coordinated Uganda’s Global Fund grant applications for the implementation period 2021-2023.The Global Fund board …Read More

Global Fund COVID-19 Situation Report-December 09

The Global Fund is working with donors and partners to urgently mobilize an additional US$5 billion to help countries continue to fight COVID-19, mitigate the impact on HIV, TB and malaria, protect health workers and reinforce systems for health. More than US$230 million has been raised so far, and more …Read More

UCCM Commemorates World Aids Day

Every year, on 1 December, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. People around the world unite to show support for people living with and affected by HIV and to remember those who lost their lives to AIDS. This year, the world’s attention has been focused by the COVID-19 pandemic on …Read More

COVID-19 Situation Report

As part of the global response to COVID-19, the Global Fund is working with health leaders, partners and governments to ensure the global response to COVID-19 includes lessons learned from the fight against HIV, TB and malaria: protect human rights and address stigma and discrimination, particularly among key and vulnerable …Read More

The Global Fund approved an additional USD $11,359,571 for Uganda’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) Funding Request.

This brings the total funds approved to USD $34,565,047 – to support Uganda’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. These interventions and activities were identified for additional funds/award due to programmatic need. The additional funds will support the scale up of the COVID-19 Testing, Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and …Read More

Uganda’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) Funding Request has been successfully reviewed and approved!

Congratulations Uganda CCM Members, Ex-Officios, the PRs Technical Teams (at MoFPED, MoH & TASO), the Consultants, the Writing Teams, Members of the Civil Society, our Development & Technical Partners, the CCM Secretariat and all Uganda’s Stakeholders of the fight against HIV, TB, Malaria and COVID-19; Uganda’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) …Read More

Mass Mosquito Campaign Launched,Over 27 million nets to be distributed.

Today 16.06.2020, We have flagged off distribution of 27 million Nets to different districts together with the Ministry of Health (MOH) . This funding commitment from the Global Fund continues our support for Malaria control progress in Uganda. “For the first time Global Fund & partners are entirely using government …Read More

MOH-Global Fund Vacant Positions.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has received funding from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) under the ongoing grants that run from 2018 to 2020(apparently on new grant making 2021-2023). Part of this grant is for sourcing for eligible talent to cover human resources gaps in …Read More

Global Fund Donates US Dollars $4,452,206 to support Uganda’s Emergency Response to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The US Dollars $4,452,206 was re-allocated from the HIV grant from the savings on the Procurement Costs incurred on health commodities in Uganda’s current HIV Grant (UGA-H-MoFPED). This support from the Global Fund was used to support the following Covid-19 Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan interventions: Procurement of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) totaling …Read More